How do I get started?

Once you purchase a training package, we will reach out to you ASAP (within an hour to 24 hours) to get your first session booked!

Where will the Private lessons take place?

If you are in the in-home service area, we usually recommend meeting beginning at your home, then proceeding to more difficult environments for training. We may also meet in a neutral environment such as a local park, or your general area! If you are out of our service area, we may meet in the Williamsburg area, or another area convenient for you! Metro Dog Training is about tailoring each package to fit your individual needs.

How do you book private lessons?

To book a private lesson, all you need to do is reach out to the trainers by phone or email. We find that booking 2 lessons ahead helps ensure your desired training time.

What are the hours for training? 

Training hours are from 10 am to 7:30 being the latest start time.

What if I cancel a session?

There is a last-minute reschedule fee of $50 if canceled less than 24 hours ahead of time.

What kind of trainers are we?

We consider ourselves modern, balanced trainers!

How long are the private lessons? 

Private lessons last 1 hour.

How long are the group classes?

Group lessons last 1 hour.

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