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Metro Dog Training™ Method: Twahlee started Metro Dog Training™ in 2010, and brought this innovative successful dog training method to New York City in 2011, and trains dogs and puppies in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx(limited areas in the BX). This modern K9 training approach embraces the concept of you, the dog owner, assuming a fair and balanced pack leadership role in your canine′s obedience, socialization, and behavior modification training. Throughout this journey, you will learn to modify your dog or puppy’s perception of it’s place in your pack of family members and other pets. Your own unique role, as your four-legged best friend’s pack leader, will transcend the dog training experience and touch every area of your approach to life. Consistency, discipline, and the timing of all of the actions in your life will be honed and transformed throughout your dog training experience with us.

Metro Dog Training™ is clear, consistent, compassionate, ground-breaking modern dog training at its very best. Voted New York Magazine’s Best of New York Services ‘Best Dog Trainer‘ 2015.

Twahlee Rollins: Owner of Metro Dog Training™

Twahlee is an experienced canine trainer, puppy trainer and dog behaviorist based in New York City. He learned and perfected his dog and puppy training skills with the San Francisco Bay Area’s Number One dog training company and community, California K9 Solutions®, also known as Cali K9®. While in California, he trained hundreds of adult dogs and puppies of all sizes and breeds and dealt with the complete spectrum of dog behavioral issues and habits.

Twahlee Rollings - Owner

Kris Justice: Trainer @ Metro Dog Training™

Kris is a New York native, has over 10 years of experience in animal medicine. In the past 10 years, she has worked for Animal hospitals including the ASPCA. Apart from animal medicine, Kris has always had an interest in animal behavior and psychology. Under the teachings of Twahlee, Kris has learned the knowledge of dog behavioral training and fell in love with the rewarding work. Kris resides in Brooklyn with her animals: Hendrix the Great Dane and Phoenix the Pitbull.

Kris Justice - Trainer

Deniro: Co-Owner of Metro Dog Training™

Assistant, Treat Eater, Ball Catcher and sometimes I fly!

Deniro aka Niro - Co Owner

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