Metro Dog Training Services & Packages

    All dogs have the ability to learn new habits, no matter their age, size, breed or behavior issue.
    15 Minute Mccarren Park Consultationlearn more
    The 15-minute consultation is great for those who are outside of the in-home service zone or prefer a consultation in a more public setting. The park offers much distraction that may elicit some of the behaviors that you truly experience on a daily basis, giving the trainer a full perspective of your behavioral issues as they happen. Other dogs, skateboards, etc will all be present.
    only $50
    1/2 Hour In-Home Consultationlearn more
    With the In-home consultation, we will travel to you and evaluate your dog in and/or around your home environment. You will have a chance to meet with us in person, ask any questions you have about our program, receive break down areas that we feel need work the most attention, and discuss how we can incorporate our training into your home lifestyle. This intimate in-home consultation gives you a chance to get a full grasp on what the Metro in-home training experience will be like before beginning.
    only $100
    1 Private Session + Group Class Boosterlearn more
    For those looking for guidance on a particular area of obedience in the location of your choosing such as your home, street, public park, work office. You will also receive an individual group training class as well for a total of 2.5 hours of training.
    only $$300
    3 private lessons + 3 Group class lessonslearn more
    Our basic on-leash focused training program which addresses common behavioral issues and establishes rules of engagement. Light leash reactivity is addressed, heeling, stationary commands, and protocols will be established. Suitable for non aggressive cases looking for a basic introduction to dog training.
    5 private lessons + 5 Group class lessonslearn more
    The most popular training experience is with the 5 private lesson package where we lay a full foundation for all dog owners. Establish core areas of heeling, stationary commands, recall commands (come/here), and establish training protocols. Suitable for those looking to attain off-leash abilities, cover complex behavioral issues, handle low to high aggression towards humans and dogs.
    10 private lessons + 10 Group class lessonslearn more
    Begin your journey towards a “service dog” level of obedience. Suitable for: -Those looking to take their dog to its full potential Attain advanced off leash capabilities, advanced socialization training, service dog level of self control. -Dogs with very levels of high anxiety and aggression. -Those who are looking for an extended training experience with their dog from the puppy phase and into into the adolescent phase while covering any behavioral issues that may arise during this sensitive time.

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    “Give us ONE dog training session and you’ll see results. Give us ONE month, and you’ll see a changed dog!”

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