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  • Heres a young germanshepherd working a focus from the basehellip
  • Just met a young Beauceron puppy during a consultation inhellip
  • metrodogtraining ready for another productive weekend Dont forget only 1hellip
  • 10 weeks and EXHAUSTED after 10 minutes of drive buildinghellip
  • Getting this young Gsd pup on the right path EARLY!hellip
  • Dinero says whatsup from the Manhattan Bridge on the manhattanhellip
  • Dinero out and about in Chinatown metrodogtraining dogtraining shepinois chinatownhellip
  • New York City in home dog training services with grouphellip
  • Great job to those who came out to this pasthellip
  • Group class is tomorrow at 11am! Slide into my DMhellip
  • Where are my frenchbulldog owners at!? This may be onehellip
  • In home training in tribeca neighborhood of manhattan metrodogtraining dogtraininghellip


YouTube Videos

Metro Dog Training - The Long Sit with DiNero
Metro Dog Training - The Long Sit with DiNero
Dog Training NYC - Metro Dog Training - Dog Park
Metro Dog Training a pit-bull to not pull on the leash!
Metro Dog Training practicing a long down with distractions in Williamsburg, New York City.
Metro Dog Training Pitbull practicing self control in Brooklyn NY.
Metro Dog Training down with a distraction
Metro Dog Training off leash obedience.
Metro Dog Training 2 Dog Recall
Metro Dog Training recall in a crowded area.
A Metro Dog Training Group Class
Learn how to have your dog come to you with metro dog training.
Learn how to establish an off-leash heel with Metro Dog Training
Metro Dog Training German Shepherd Heeling
Metro Dog Training 5 month old pit bull puppy.
Watch us rehabilitate this dog aggressive German Shepherd before your eyes. 1 week!
Absolute Obedience with Metro Dog Training
Metro Dog Training Vlad and Masha Testimonial

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